The New Ultra Sleek Ultra Cool Flexishell iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s Case.

Published 08 Sep 2014 by Paul Turner

What's so great about our new Flexishell case?
Our fantastic new Flexishell iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s case combines sophisticated design with great protection. The cases are made from a hi-tech strong TPU, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane for the more techy of you out there, and comes in a range of highly attractive colours.

We're pretty excited about this material, what does it do?
TPU provides the best possible protection while maintaining a flexibility and feather-light feel that makes this case one of the best and most exciting products on the smartphone market.

Why buy it?
It's Durable
The greater the technology it often seems the more likely something is to break down. Keep your smartphone in a dusty environment for instance, accidentally scrape it against a wall, or drop it in a puddle and it is likely that your precious piece of equipment will decide to give up the ghost.

Well, while this might be true your smartphone it certainly isn't of our Flexishell cases. These cases have been engineered to withstand the best that you can throw at them. If you were planning a trip to the north pole for instance (while your smartphone might take issue with it) the flexishell case could withstand the most extreme of conditions, with a limit of -50 degrees C.

Tactile and Lightweight
Not only does the flexishell provide extra protection against any potential contact damage, but its tactile grip makes your phone much easier to hold on to - thereby preventing the pain of dropping your phone from occurring in the first place.

All this as well as being ultra lightweight and soft to the touch is what makes this material so special. Style and pocket-space no longer need to be compromised to protect your phone.

Great Design
The bright and cool trim – available in pink, yellow, green, and blue - along with the predominant sleek black base and subtle logo make this iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s case an all round premium product.

Plus while some of your other possessions may appear battered, worn, or tainted over the years (often months), because of its anti-abrasive properties, the Flexishell case will retain its soft satin finish and cool electric colours for a very long time.


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