Christmas Tips: Can You do Christmas on a Smartphone?

Published 10 Dec 2013 by Paul Turner

More people are doing their Christmas shopping on smartphones than ever before

Retailers predict that a record number of people will be buying presents on their smartphones this Christmas, with the number of gifts bought on devices such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and on Android expected to more than double.

This trend is perhaps hardly surprising however - after all why would you want to tackle those frantic crowds when you can do all your shopping from the sofa?

With only two shopping weeks to go until Christmas we presume that those of you who have not yet faced the teeming masses will find this list of smartphone apps a helpful alternative.  

List Apps
Help you budget and ensure you haven't forgotten to include Grandma.

'The Christmas List' available via iTunes is an app that attempts to help with the all too familiar problem of forgetfulness by providing the user with the ability to sync gift lists up by email, track budgets for each individual recipient, store photos of presents, and much more besides.

There are a few varieties along the list theme, but if you are looking for something a bit more festive then why not also try 'Christmas!!' an app that includes a Christmas countdown, advent calendar, and a small collection of holiday songs to go along with the more serious job of being a very organized person.

Present Advice
Like having your own personal shopper.

If your previous present buying has gone down like a sack of potatoes, then ‘Gift King’ or ‘the Thoughtful Gift Finder’ from are the apps for you. While ‘Gift King’ is specifically designed for men, both it and the ‘Thoughtful Gift Finder’ allow you to filter through a number of sections before finally directing you to the perfect present. And with over 60,000 products to choose from you are spoilt for choice!

Although of course if you happen to be looking for a high quality case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone then you won't need to look much further than our website!

Save Money
Price comparison apps that provide insider information.

While many price comparison tools available in stores claim to give you an independent and unbiased look at the market, this is not always strictly true. 'RedLaser' for Android provides an excellent price comparison source and has been voted by many top magazines as the best bar code checker around.

Send the Perfect Christmas Card
Who says technology makes for an impersonal Christmas card?

The iPhone ‘Cards’ app surely disproves such a theory by enabling the customer to personally choose among a number of image templates, inputting their own personal message, and having it physically produced and posted for them. This is especially the case when you consider that the app also enables the user to input a photo from their iPhone to add to the card for that extra bit of a personal touch.

Planning the Christmas Dinner
Yes, there is even an app to help you out with the cooking!

‘The Perfect Christmas Dinner’ gives you 25 step-by-step video tutorials of the best way to cook that all-important festive feast.

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