Your Smartphone Can Save Your Life

Published 11 Dec 2013 by Paul Turner

Life Saving Mobile Phones

New Medical App Diagnoses Cancer
A doctor at a Swedish health centre asked Susan Samuellson if she wanted to take part in a study, by having a suspicious mole examined using the iDoc24 app and a ‘dermascope’ attachment. The dermascape combines a magnifying glass with a light source to help doctors inspect skin lesions and suspicious moles. A few days later, the results were back and the mole on the back of Susan’s thigh had been identified as malignant. As it was caught early, it hadn’t spread and Susan says that she owes her life to the smartphone and the app!

HTC Stops Bullet
In 2011, an Illinois man’s life was saved when his HTC mobile phone battery stopped a bullet! The shooting took place at a nightclub after two man were thrown out and protested by returning to the club with guns and firing indiscriminately. Unable to take cover a bullet made its way through the top left of one man’s coat, only to be stopped by the HTC which was in his pocket.

Smartphone Saves HTC Exec After Climbing Accident

Smartphone karma maybe? Later in 2011, an exec from HTC was climbing in the mountains when he slipped and fell into a ravine. Bad weather closed in and he alerted the emergency services, giving his coordinates by using the ‘My Location’ function of Google Maps on his smartphone. Emergency services located him and he survived, and HTC made the best of it by publicising how to use the functions of the HTC to work out your coordinates.

In What Other Ways Can a Smartphone Save Lives?
Earthquake alert apps. These amazing apps perform actions such as providing notification to the user of when and where an earthquake has occurred, providing a Richter scale measurement, and even emitting acoustic and visual SOS signals in the event that the user becomes trapped in debris. Examples of such apps include Seismograph available via Android, iShake via iPhone, and Earthquake Survival Kit Lite, also for the iPhone.

Other lifesaving apps include: Pocket First Aid and CPR, Army First Aid, and Disaster Readiness.


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