5 Best Apps for Pet Owners

Published 12 Dec 2013 by Paul Turner

Worried you’re not giving your pooch enough exercise? The Whistle app for iPhone tracks your dog’s activity through a small device attached to its collar and compares it to the average activity of other dogs of the same breed and age. Great for helping you keep your dog healthy and also for alerting you to changes in behaviour, which could be indicators of your dog not being very well.

If you tend to rely on your pet’s own willpower and portion control while you’re out at work, Pintofeed – available on iPhone, android, and windows8 phones – has you covered. The app works alongside a Wi-fi enabled feeder to allow you to feed your pet remotely.

The feeder stores dried food in a sealed container, releasing a measured portion either on a set schedule, or when you press a button on the app. You will even get a notification letting you know that your pet has been fed!

Doggie Datez
Available on iOS and Android, Doggie Datez is an app that combines social media and dating, with a game. Essentially the dog-loving app is designed to help you and your pet meet more dogs and their owners in your area.To begin, you create a profile of you and your dog and then look for nearby Doggie Daters. The app uses your phone’s GPS function to pinpoint those nearby, and also to track your walks and let you ‘mark your territory’.

Great fun if you live in an area with lots of dog owners and would like to meet them, or if you have dog-owning friends in the area and want to steal or recover ‘territory’ from each other.

Tagg for iPhone and Android makes excellent use of your phone’s GPS capabilities by allowing you to track your pet via a GPS tracker fitted to their collar.

The app allows you to set ‘boundaries’ for your pet (your garden perimeter for example) and will alert you if your pet goes outside of this. You can then track him down by following him on your phone!

Do you get the feeling that your cat would like to take more selfies? Then Snapcat is for you and your cat!
Enticing pins of colour dart about your phones screen, enticing your cat to tap, and when he does: Click! Cat self-portrait.

The app also works for babies and toddlers.


Image courtesy of stay2gether / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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