Top 5 Uses for an Old iPhone

Published 27 Aug 2014 by Paul Turner

Resourceful Consumers
While in the past we may have thrown out our old unwanted possessions without a second thought, in recent years it has become fashionable to recycle and reuse such items in numerous innovative and creative ways. This list sheds some light on how to get the most out of your old iPhone.

Music Player
Sure, you’ll store music on your shiny new phone, but by using your old iPhone as a dedicated music streaming device, permanently hooked up to speakers, you’ve got yourself a brilliant stereo system. You can use Apple’s AirShare to stream all of your iTunes library, or you can subscribe to a service such as Spotify or Pandora, and have a constant stream of new music on demand. Plus, no undocking your phone and no interruption from phone calls.

Webcam / Security camera
There are a number of apps you can download which will stream video to a website, making it simple to use your iPhone as a security camera. You can set it up to stream constantly, to be triggered when it senses movement, or when you remotely tell it to.

eBook reader
The popularity of eBooks is on its way to overtaking that of traditional paperbacks, especially for holidaymakers who are avid gobblers of novels. Of course, you can download your eBooks to your new phone, or even a separate device such as a Kindle, but would you want to take either to the beach, or to the poolside? What really sold this idea to us however, was this lovely idea of creating a stylish case for your iPhone out of a Moleskine notebook.

Alarm clock
The iPhone is such a sleek-looking bit of kit, that it makes a beautiful permanent addition to your bedside table. You can set it to display the time across its screen and treat it to a swish new stand to complete the look.

Skype phone
If you have a reliable WiFi connection you could easily use your old iPhone as a VOIP phone - replacing making calls on your new mobile or landline with free or at least cheaper calls! You simply need to download a VOIP app (such as Skype) and leave your phone connected to the power, and to the app open. This way you can accept incoming calls too!


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