Five Phone Cases for the Ridiculously Rich

Published 07 Aug 2014 by Paul Turner

The Five Most Expensive Phone Cases in the World
For most of us, laying out the cash for the latest iPhone or Samsung handset is a big spend; we buy a protective phone cover to protect our new precious gadget. For others, their latest smartphone is simply a dull canvas for them to display some real spending.

Gold-plate, diamonds and rare animal skins have all been used by designers of bling phone cases. Check out the results below:

DeBethune Dream Watch IV iPhone Case
Costing a staggering £121,000, the polished titanium iPhone 4 case features a futuristic backlit blue dial and in inset with diamonds. Luxury watchmaker DeBethune has limited it’s production of the iPhone 4 to just 12 – best hurry up and order if you want one . . .

Brikk Trim Couture
A relative bargain at £66,000 is the second place, entry by German watchmaker Brikk. Brikk has created it’s headline grabbing case out of titanium and 6 carats of diamonds (rare black ones and bog-standard white diamonds). The case itself has been carved from a single piece of titanium and although it does not come with a warranty, Brikk will donate a tonne of rice to an impoverished nation for every one of the luxury iPhone 4 cases it sells.

GnG Golden Delicious
In similar price bracket of £66,000 to the Brikk, is the unashamedly bling Golden Delicious case from GnG. The gold-plated phone cover for the iPhone 4, features a crest of diamonds which can be personalised to your own family’s emblem, or the company will work with you to produce something individual - just so you don’t accidentally pick up someone else’s gold-plated iPhone. Functionality hasn’t been completely ignored either, the case is inlaid with carbon fibre so is likely to protect your phone quite well.

Samurai Phone Case
At a slightly more sensible £670 are the cases from Softbank BB. The range of five cases celebrate Japanese Samurai culture, with each being designed to commemorate a famous warrior. The cases take a week to finish, have been detailed with gold dust artwork, and are painstakingly created using the traditional Japanese art of lacquerware. As the cases themselves are packaged with a protective pouch, the emphasis seems to be on you protecting your new phone case, not your phone case protecting your new phone!

Martin Margiela iPhone cover
This £270 luxury leather iPhone cover is a bargain in that it actually costs less than the Apple handset itself, but that’s where its functionality seemingly ends. The case has been formed from a polished leather box and thickly lined with sheepskin to nestle your beloved iPhone in. Another polished leather box then slides over to protect the whole thing. There’s no doubt it would be well guarded, however there’s little chance of hearing it ringing in amongst all of that snuggly protection.


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